Esperanza Rising Novel Study Enrichment Activities Connected to Chapter Foods

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Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz RyanEsperanza 1

Novel Study: Enrichment Activities Connected to Chapter Foods

 (Note: These enrichment activities will require the purchase of foods for tasting.)

Food plays an important role in this novel, literally and figuratively. Enrichment Activities for Chapter Foods are designed to increase students’ connection to the novel through food. This is a unique approach to the novel that will engage students. There are two or more activities for each chapter: activities connected to the food in the chapter title and/or in the chapter and an activity to connect students to the chapter (Chapter Connections). The food activities are fun and may introduce students to new foods or honor the foods of their families. There are suggestions for preparing food for student sampling and additional resources connected to the various foods, including growing these fruits and vegetables in containers. The Chapter Connections help students think about the significance of the foods in the chapters and find connections of those foods to their own lives.

Some activities should be implemented before students read the chapter and some are designed to be implemented after the students read the chapter, as noted.  All activities are optional, allowing you to pick and choose activities for your students. These activities are for enrichment of the novel and are not meant to be graded.

Since you may be serving students a variety of foods, you should send home a letter with a list of foods that students will be tasting. (See list of foods included.) Ask parents/guardians for permission and to note any allergies. Use the included letter home or create your own.

Product Contents

  • 14 Individual Lesson Plans (1 per chapter)
  • 1 Culminating Activity: Chat Stations Activity
  • 1 Chat Sheet
  • 7 Chat Stations Questions Mini-Posters
  • 12 Food Cards for Forming Student Pairs, Trios, and Quads
  • Permission Letter to Parents/Guardians
  • Common Core Standards and Best Practice Connected to this Novel Study
  • 1 PowerPoint with 58 Slides
  • Teacher Guide for PowerPoint

Grade Level Appropriateness

Grades 4-6

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