Homework: Show What You Know!

We’ve been busy creating and posting new products at  Surviving to Thriving LjL. Take a look at our TPT store. You might be interested in changing how you do homework this year.

Creative Alternatives to Traditional Homeworkhomework

If you have looked at the research about homework, it generally does not support a connection between time spent on homework and grades (Kohn, 2012). The challenge for teachers is the expectation of homework from both families and students, but not all homework is created equal. Homework is appropriate for preparing, checking for understanding, practicing, rehearsing, and/or processing including analyzing, evaluating, and/or reflecting (Vatterott, 2009).

Meaningful homework assignments should:
• allow for student choice and personalization;
• provide opportunities for students to share things about themselves;
• tap into emotions, feeling, and/or opinions; and
• be aesthetically pleasing (Vatterott, 2007).

Meaningful homework assignments should engage students and be fun to do. We have compiled various homework assignments that can be adapted to a variety of subjects along with a list of alternative homework assignment ideas.

This product includes:

-References (Share with peers and administration.) P. 3
-Name Lists (1-page reproducible activity) P. 4
-Rounding Up: Adjectives (1-page reproducible activity) P. 5
-Rounding Up: Adverbs (1-page reproducible activity) P. 6
-Survey. Note. Conclude! Homework Assignment (1-page reproducible activity) P. 7
-8 Alternatives to Traditional Homework Assignments with Mini-Activity Slips (8 reproducible mini-activity slips) Pp. 8-10
-Teacher Bookmarks with Homework Quotes (8 reproducible bookmarks) Pp. 11-12

Grade Level Appropriateness
Grades 5-12


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