Animal Farm Novel Study

Our newest product is out: Animal Farm Novel Study Discussion and Activity Guide. Animal Farm by George Orwell is a staple on middle and high school literature reading lists.Animal Farm Novel Study

If you haven’t read Animal Farm with your students you should. It is a great book to engage student interest and teach important concepts.

This novel study for George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, includes a Discussion and Activity Guide, accompanying PowerPoint Presentation, a Literary Log for students, optional homework assignments, summative assessments and rubric, animal cards for forming groups, and bookmarks. The Discussion and Activity Guide is comprised of questions, prompts, and/or activities for each chapter and offers teaching suggestions, vocabulary, and suggestions for a variety of ways in which students might respond to prompts: Teacher-Led Discussion, Pair-Share, Write-Pair-Share-Class-Share, Individual Student Response, and Small Group Mini-Projects. Questions, prompts, and activities are designed to increase the relevancy of the novel and facilitate critical thinking. Many of the questions and prompts could be used for longer writing pieces or mini-projects. Teaching Notes are included throughout the Discussion and Activity Guide—they are optional ideas or strategies to enhance teaching and learning.

Students like to talk and this guide engages and encourages discussion. It can be used with the whole class, small groups, individual students, or for teachers who choose to read aloud Animal Farm to students. An accompanying PowerPoint Presentation facilitates student activities and can be utilized by teachers or students. The Literary Log for students includes all the questions, prompts, and activities in both the Discussion and Activity Guide and PowerPoint Presentation. Graphics on both the PowerPoint slides and the Literary Log serve as visual clues; these graphics works especially well with students whose first language is not English or for students who are primarily visual. The Literary Log for Animal Farm can be used by a whole class as well as small group of students or individual students reading the novel independently.Animal Farm Literary Log 2

There are four optional homework assignments designed to enhance and extend the relevance of the novel. Homework assignments include: two Survey. Note. Conclude!, Motto & Maxim, and Battle of Cowshed Extension. The optional triad mini-project activities include Totalitarianism Triad, Chapter Analysis, and Exposé: Sugarcandy Mountain. There are 10 different animal cards that can be used to form student groups of three (triads).

Blooming with Knowledge about Animal Farm includes 12 activities connected to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Each level includes two choices. You may elect to direct students to choose one activity from each level or allow students to choose any number of activities. The accompanying rubric can be used with Blooming with Knowledge. Connections to best practice and the Common Core State Standards are included.

This product includes 4 files:

  • Animal Farm Discussion and Activity Guide PDF:
    • 12 page Discussion and Activity Guide for Teachers
    • 1 page alphabetical list of vocabulary words
    • 4 page triad mini-projects packet
    • 4 page Optional Homework Assignments
    • 2 page Blooming with Knowledge about Animal Farm and Rubric
    • 1 page of 10 animal cards for forming triads
    • 3 page Connections to Best Practice and Common Core State Standards
  • 15 page Literary Log for Students PDF
  • 56 Slides PowerPoint Presentation
  • Teacher Guide to PowerPoint PDF

Grade Level Appropriateness: Grades 8-11

We think you will love this book and appreciate this student-centered, best practice approach to using it in your classroom.

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