Poetry Journal (April is National Poetry Month)

Ideas for National Poetry Month.

Introduce poetry to your students by reading poems aloud that they are interested in. Poems by Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein are all-time student favorites.

Ideas for sharing student poetry:

  • Have students keep a Poetry Journal.
  • Write poetry with your students and share all the poetry on a bulletin board or publish a class poetry book.
  • Introduce a new poem each day.
  • Have students create poetry collages.
  • Cut words from magazines to make poetry posters.
  • Consider having a poetry slam, a “competition” at which poets read or recite original work.
  • Host a poetry café and invite parents. (Serve hot chocolate.)
  • Video students reading their poetry.
  • Include music. Remember lyrics are poems.poetry journal

Celebrate with our Poetry Journal.

Our Poetry Journal for the Classroom  includes a reproducible student poetry journal, a variety of poetry forms, sample poems, practice pages, and final student poem pages.

The Student journal includes:

• Auto-Bio Poem
• Five Sense Poem
• Haiku Poem
• Cinquain Poem
• Diamante Poem
• Acrostic Poem

Check it out!

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Poetry Resources

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